How To Easily Install Applications Android by Android Injector 1.0

Add some applications on Android phones can now be done easily and quickly. Namely with the help of a special application called Android Injector. This application can be an alternative for you who have Android phones only load applications via the Android Market.

You can directly install applications that are downloaded from anywhere, certainly with the file format. APK on a computer without the need to be connected directly to the Android Market.

Installation can be done by Android Injector on Android device in batch mode. Use this free software was fairly easy. You only need mengoneksikan your Android phone to a computer via a USB cable and then selecting a number of Android application file format. APK and then click the install button to the device.

This application is compatible with multiple operating systems, namely Windows 98 to Windows 7. However, because this application requires VB 6 Runtime in use, make sure the operating system you have to have it.

File size: 3.44 MB

Download Android Injector 1.0

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