Easy Apple and Android Predicted to Hit Hacker Threat

Symantec CEO, Enrique Salem said the application for smartphones and tablet become a new threat for all sorts of attacks that usually attack a computer.

Apple provides applications in the App Store and Google on the Android Market is seems to be vulnerable to hacker attacks.

This threat is not yet visible, but for the future will very likely have a big impact.

"It's very difficult for Apple and Google. Because of these threats will occur in the future. Although it is still too early to call as a mobile security threats, "explained Diving.

As the company's biggest security software maker, Symantec could spend USD860 million more to help the expansion in mobile phones. He is looking for a target in the cloud service, or delivery of computing over the Internet, and virtualization software that helps servers run more efficiently.

Salem also said, for users of Apple's threat does not end with mobile devices. Mac for laptops and desktops will increasingly become the target of malware as they gain popularity.

Symantec's claims there are no comments from both sides, be it from the Apple by Tom Neumayr as a spokesperson, or from the Google party, Gina Weakly did not intend to respond to that prediction.

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